wallet in pocket

From an early age, we are taught that wallets go into our back pockets. However, no one tells us that this can create problems for our bodies and is terrible for our sitting posture. Sitting with a wallet in your back pocket causes one hip to sit higher and creates a tilt of your pelvis. Consequently, you sit lopsided and round your back, which puts more stress on the spine. It can even cause you to slouch with slumped shoulders, possibly leading to back, neck, and shoulder pain.

The other issue with sitting on your wallet is that the sciatic nerve gets pinched between your wallet and your hip. Even after a short time, the sciatic nerve can become irritated causing discomfort. Over time, the stress on the lower back and agitation of the sciatic nerve can lead to degeneration and cause pain in the lower back that can run all the way down your leg. The bigger the wallet, the more problems, and aches it can lead to, but even the thinnest wallet can create these symptoms.

Our advice is that you switch your wallet to your front pocket or remove it from your back pocket before you sit down or get in your car.While at work, place the wallet in your front pocket as well, or in your desk. You should also avoid anything bulky and stick to slim wallets or money clips that hold only the essentials. Great options are available at specialty slim wallet maker Bellroy (www.bellroy.com).

If you have been sitting on your wallet for many years, this may be a cause of your low back pain and have cause some pelvic imbalances. We recommend scheduling a chiropractic visit and see if you are dealing with some muscular imbalances, postural compensations or spinal fixations