Chiropractors Help You Feel Better And Healthier, For Longer

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We have courses to help guide you through any type of injury.

We have 3 online courses designed to help you overcome your injuries at home. Whether you are a desk worker, a triathlete or you are simply suffering from back pain we have resources to help!

Too many active people are held back due to nagging pain and injuries. 

We want you to perform at your best with the right chiropractic treatment. Health Fit Chiro empowers our patients to achieve their goals in life, sports, and work. 

You Live Better When You Feel Better

How Chiropractic Care Boosts Your Performance
Get Better, Faster
Improve your motion, quickness, and strength with treatment and our sport-specific rehab programs.
Stay Healthy And Active, Avoiding Injury
We give you all the tools, stretches and exercises you need to make sure your body recovers, stronger than ever before.
Get A Team Working For You
When you partner with a team of professionals that truly get you, you'll always have the help you need, when you need it.
You Should Feel Great About Your Health
Our team of licensed chiropractors use a variety of tools to get you back to the top of your game.

Whether its an adjustment, manual therapy, rehabilitation exercises, we make sure you get what you need to feel your best again.

Here's what you can expect during a visit:

  • The adjustments and manual therapy are performed in order to restore movement.
  • The rehabilitation exercises are performed to target your strength and balance.
  • Your appointment is one-on-one with the doctor, assuring you get the best care possible.
  • We empower you with instruction and strategy to ensure you stay healthier than ever.
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Health Fit Chiro Has Worked With Athletes At The Highest Levels



testimonial image

"I had one of my healthiest seasons!

I have utilized Health-Fit Sports Chiropractic & Sports Recovery for the last year to help improve my recovery and performance for my intense triathlon training season."

Kristy Breslaw - President of Boca Raton Triathletes

"Health-Fit has been our Clinical Director of XPE Sports NFL Combine Training since 2009.

They have been instrumental in the health of our NFL and College football players.

- Tony Villani - XPE Sports

testimonial image
testimonial image

Dr. Kevin Christie has been a valuable Sports Chiropractic consultant for my PGA tour players and Back 9 Tour Services since 2009.

- Jeff Banaszak - President of Back 9 Tour Services
How Do You Choose The Best Chiropractor For You And Your Family?
You deserve the best possible care to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

We understand that finding the best chiropractor for your specific needs can feel overwhelming. Whether it be at our Boca Raton or Miami locations, our team-based approach gives you access to professionals who work together with your health as our number one priority. 


It's Time To Put That Injury Behind You

Here's Our Simple Process
Schedule An Appointment
Using our online booking, schedule a time and location that works best for you.
Get Personalized Treatment
We create a plan that is specific to you, your needs and your goals.
Feel Great Again
You start to have confidence, greater strength and renewed excitement as you fully engaged again.

Don't Let Those Nagging Injuries Hold You Back From Being Your Best Every Day.

Schedule an appointment with a Health-Fit Chiropractor today.

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