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What is Cryotherapy? Can it Help Me?

You may have heard of whole body cryotherapy in the news recently, regarding athletes and celebrities using this therapy and endorsing its use. You may have not heard of cryotherapy at all. Either way, you want to be informed about its use and function and whether or not this therapy could be beneficial to you.

Whole body cryotherapy involves standing in a 360 partially enclosed chamber that is pumped full of nitrogen gas which lowers the temperature of the chamber to approximately -240 degrees F. Your body goes into a hypothermic state and shunts blood to the heart and lungs. For the duration of the three minute session your blood is constantly being saturated with oxygen since while it stays in the heart and lungs. After the session is over, your body returns to normal temperature and this newly enriched blood is redirected to the rest of your tissues.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Who does this help? This can help people with a variety of issues. Some of the most popular usage is for recovery of fatigued and stressed tissues in athletes. Training everyday can take its toll on the body and whole body cryotherapy helps restore peak function in tissues that have been affected, such as muscles, tendons and joints. People with chronic pain have also found value in this therapy to help manage pain. The therapy can release endorphins which act as your body’s natural painkillers. Interested? Find out today if cryotherapy can help you.