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The HARSH reality of Health Insurance and Chiropractic Care

As you know, we here at Health-Fit try to keep you informed
and up to date on all things health related through our emails, mailed
newsletter, social media and blog posts. Today is no different, just a
different type of topic: Health Insurance.
The continued decision whether to be in or out of network is
increasingly becoming more difficult due to the ever changing environment of
health insurance. 
We continue to stick with the insurances that still are
somewhat fair to us, but that has left us with only a couple that we can afford
to be in-network with and provide our level of care our patients deserve and
Health insurance companies are forcing Chiropractors between
a rock and a hard place. Many Chiropractors have had to choose only provide
care that the insurance company pays for. And many times, the chiropractic adjustment
is the only thing they will perform. 
 As our patients know,
we do a lot more than just adjust our patients. The adjustment is important,
but not the end all be all too really fixing your pain and injuries. Don’t get
me wrong, for some of our patients, the adjustment is all they need and gets
wonderful results. But many need more to really get quick and effective results.
And the bottom line is, results are what matters most.  
To give you a brief history of Health insurance and
Chiropractic (and many other medical fields), the reimbursement has been
slashed by considerable amounts. For instance, let’s take the year 2000. A
total office visit reimbursement used to be about twice as much as it is today,
with the patient having a very small copay and the insurance paying the rest.
Fast forward to now, Insurance companies are reimbursing Chiropractors (and
many other doctors) half of what they used to and now putting the majority of
the burden on the patient. 
So not only has the total reimbursement been basically cut
in half, the insurance company is putting the vast majority of the bill on you.
What the end result has come in most Chiropractic offices is a lower level of
treatment and more out of pocket cost to you, and for lesser care! It is a
frustrating and vicious cycle that has occurred. 
In light of the ever changing (not for the better) insurance
environment, we continue to attempt to provide you the most VALUE for your
care. Our Doctors have spent a lot of time and money being certified in Active
Release Techniques, Graston Technique, sports rehab modalities and more.
We have made the EASY decision not to bend under the immense
pressure of insurance companies and lower our standard of treatment given to
our patients. We have made the decision that we will continue to offer the best
conservative care available to our patients. 
We completely understand that cost of healthcare is always
an important decision for you and your family. We all have to make those same
decisions in our personal healthcare too. That is why we are striving to always
offer the most VALUE for your care. We can’t control the COST, because
unfortunately, the insurance companies control that. But we can control the
Value of care you receive out our office. 
So, when making decisions on your care, whether it is
Chiropractic or Medical, always seek out VALUE and not necessarily the COST. Sometimes
Value isn’t related to cost. Sometimes the price tag may be a bit more, but the
value is extremely high. Many times the cost is low, but the value is
non-existent. It is an interesting dynamic. 
Sometimes, if you choose a Chiropractor solely based on
being In-Network, and the insurance doesn’t reimburse Chiropractors fairly, you
may find that you only get a quick adjustment and you are in and out of the
door without the true care needed to address your pain and symptoms.
It unfortunately becomes a numbers game. They will need to
see 50 patients in a day instead of 20. Seeing 20 allows the Chiropractor to
offer the value and care needed to address your pain and conditions. 
So, to wrap up this little “rant”, we want to assure you we
are continuing to find the best and latest methods of musculoskeletal care to
get you feeling better the fastest possible way. Therefore, the value of your
care will be high and ultimately allow you to save money in the short, medium
and long term. 
That is the key in the new healthcare environment.