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Health-Fit Chiropractic & Sports Recovery Testimonials


Health-Fit was a great help for the WWE WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami. They helped keep our wrestlers healthy for the event.

Larry H. - WWE Athletic Trainer

Dr. Kevin Christie has been a valuable Sports Chiropractic consultant for my PGA tour players and Back 9 Tour Services since 2009.

Jeff Banaszak - President of Back 9 Tour Services

Dr. Larry Masarsky has been an invaluable resource for my off-season treatment program that supplements my training regimen at The Miami Sports Performance Institute

Jon Beason - NY Giants NFL Pro Bowler

I have utilized Health-Fit Sports Chiropractic & Sports Recovery for the last year to help improve my recovery and performance for my intense triathlon training season. I had one of my healthiest seasons to date!

Kristy Breslaw - President of Boca Raton Triathletes

Health-Fit Corporate Wellness has provided On-Site Chiropractic & Sports Recovery for two of our corporate locations. Their treatment methods, ergonomic assessments and educational talks have been extremely beneficial.

Risa Harwood - Tyco International

Health-Fit has been our Clinical Director of XPE Sports NFL Combine Training since 2009 and instrumental in the health of our NFL and College football players.

Tony Villani - XPE Sports

Health-Fit’s clinical expertise and understanding of the biomechanical principles behind optimal sport-performance allows them to effectively bridge the gap between 3-dimensional motion analyses and clinical application. This ability has proven invaluable to the golfing community in optimizing athletic performance and in capitalizing on their maximum potential.

Brady Tripp, PhD, ATC Golf Biomechanics Lab University of Florida

When I was training for my first full Ironman-distance race, I made a common mistake. I tried to pile on too much of the running volume I needed too quickly. As a result, I developed shin splints 6 weeks prior to the race. Discouraged and desperate, I searched for several options but was guided to the active release technique website by a chiropractor from New York. Luckily, I found the doctors at Health-Fit. After one day, my shin pain was reduced by at least 80 percent. Not only did he treat my existing injury, they helped me strengthen weak areas and correct my running form to avoid future injuries. Six weeks and several treatment sessions later, I completed my first Ironman (Ironman Arizona) without pain and without further injury.

Dione Swanson IronMan Athlete

Dr. Christie helped me recover after my fights and allows me to train properly for my up and coming fights. The help has been instrumental at this point in my career.

Michael Moorer Professional Boxer

I am extremely impressed with the Runner’s Injury Prevention Program from Health-Fit Chiropractic & Sports Recovery. The Comprehensive Running Analysis Report focuses on posture, running technique, injury prevention and follows many of the principles of ChiRunning. The two programs create a powerful connection that just could result in the Ultimate Injury Free Runner.

Dr. Alan Miller, Ed.D. Chi Running Coach

Health-Fit has been a leading resource for Team In Training athletes for several years now and has graciously offered their expertise in the form of injury prevention workshops along with professional and affective rehabilitative services. Thanks to their generosity, they have helped over 100 marathon athletes cross the finish line.

Samantha Hampton - Team in Training Coach

Dr. Christie’s knowledge of how the body needs to work and perform in relation to the golf swing is outstanding. Kevin has set the standard for golf fitness and golf rehabilitation in South Florida.

Kevin Marsh - Head Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach - Nova Southeastern University

Health-Fit is an integral part of our injury prevention workshops. He is able to relate to all athletes, from beginners to seasoned athletes. His treatments help develop flexibility, increased core strength and recovery time.

Isabel Roldan - Team in Training Triathlon and Marathon Coach