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2016 Sports Bodywork Team Internship

Sponsored by

XPE Sports & CORE Institute


Tony Villani, MS, founder of XPE Sports, and George Kousaleos, LMT, founder of CORE Institute, have joined forces to create an elite internship program in sports & performance bodywork. Beginning in January 2016, the first of ten weeklong internship programs for advanced certification training in CORE Sports & Performance Bodywork, will take place at XPE Sports in Boca Raton, FL. The clinical focus of this unique educational program will be on providing manual therapy services for the football athletes in residence for the 2016 XPE NFL Combine Prep. This certification internship will lead to the development of a national team that will work nationwide with professional, Olympic, and elite collegiate athletes.

Each week in January, February and early March, ten massage therapists, athletic trainers, and other healthcare practitioners will spend each morning studying myofascial therapy protocols and structural integration strategies developed over the past three decades by George Kousaleos. Each team of therapists will then provide daily clinical sessions for the elite collegiate football players who are participating in intensive speed, power, and skill training for the NFL Combine with Tony Villani and his staff of sports performance and sports recovery professionals.

Tony Villani has earned the reputation as a leader in the field of athletic performance and is considered the “speed guru” for hundreds of NFL athletes who return each year for off-season training with the man who helped them achieve success through superior performances at their NFL Combine. His ability to increase speed, power, and athleticism is unrivaled in professional sports. His athletes maintain high-level performance levels throughout the NFL season, while sustaining lower injury rates than other players.

George Kousaleos has been at the forefront of developing Olympic sports massage teams (General Manager of the 1996 British Olympic Preparation Camps and Co-Director of the 2004 Athens Olympics Sports Massage Team) and has founded the elite CORE Sports Bodywork team that has provided the Florida State University Football team multiple weekly bodywork sessions since 2011. FSU Football has experienced a dramatic drop in soft-tissue injury rates during the past four seasons, and set a modern record (29) with the number of FSU players drafted during the past three seasons.

Dr. Kevin Christie, owner of Health-Fit Chiropractic and Sports Recovery, is a leading Chiropractic Physician and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He is the Clinical Director of XPE NFL Combine Prep, and will lead discussions on sports injuries, integrative treatment modalities, and the coordination of sports recovery team personnel.

Don Stanley, CFSC, LMT, owner of The Performance Edge, is the Lead FMS Provider and Director of Therapy at XPE Sports, and is a leading CORE Myofascial Therapist and XPE Master Trainer who is nationally recognized as a leader in sports therapy and fitness training. As the General Manager of the 2016 Sports Bodywork Team he will supervise all clinical sessions and coordinate all aspects of the internship experience.

The application process for participation in this unique certification program will begin in October, 2015. Participants will submit a professional resume, two letters of recommendation, telephone or Skype interviews, and proof of professional liability insurance.

For more information please contact Don Stanley at 305-202-0518 or email him at