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Football and Baseball

Health-Fit has in-depth experience with working with NFL, MLB, College and High School Football and Baseball players in the South Florida area. The combination of Biomechanical Assessments, Chiropractic/Medical Evaluations and Treatment Protocols has proven successful on all levels of football and baseball. Utilizing the experience with working side by side with the top Orthopedists, Strength & Conditioning Specialists, Athletic Trainers, Massage Therapists and PTs has given us the tools to optimally assess and treat football and baseball players, as well as prevent re-injury.

Baseball/Football Injuries – Overuse vs. Traumatic

When evaluation and treating football and baseball injuries, the first thing to determine is the cause of the injury. Was it a traumatic injury such as a hit to the knee or sprained ankle, or was it an over-use injury. Over-use injuries, such as rotator cuff strain, elbow pain, etc., are injuries that developed over time and typically have a biomechanical dysfunction in other aspects of the body combined with sport related over-use to cause the injury.

The main difference between treatment protocols for Over-use and Traumatic sports injuries that don’t require surgery, is that Over-use injuries will require treatment and therapy for aspects of the body other than the injury site. As stated earlier, many over-use injures are caused by dysfunctions in other aspects of the body which places excessive strain and stress on other parts of the body. The area of the body that the stress is placed on by the dysfunctions and the requirements of the sport, typically become the over-use injury site Treatment protocols must then be developed with this in mind, followed by a detailed corrective exercises or strength & condition program.

Football and Baseball Affiliations

  • Tony Villani with XPE Sports 2009-Current
  • Miami Sports Performance Institute- 2011-Current
  • Bommarito Performance Systems 2009-2011
  • Perfect Competition 2006-2009
  • TEST Football Academy 2009-2011
  • MLB/NFL Off-Season Treatment and Conditioning programs – 2006-Current
  • St. Thomas Aquinas High School FootballSports Chiropractor– 2008-2010
  • Cypress Bay High School Football – Sports Chiropractor- 2007-2010



Professional Sports Organizations using Graston Technique® and A.R.T.


Amateur Sports Organizations using Graston Technique®

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NFL Combine Prep Programs

Health-Fit’s role in the NFL Combine prep over the last 8 years has been to evaluate and treat players to get them healthy and/or maintain their health and performance levels. All NFL Combine Prep Players go through the following Intensive to enhance their performance and health.

  • Chiropractic, Orthopedic, Physical Therapy Examinations
  • Soft Tissue/Muscular Examination
  • Functional Screening Assessments and Biomechanical Assessments
  • Nutritional and Body Fat Assessments
  • Sports Psychology and Goal Setting
  • Comprehensive Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Skills and Technique Coaching
  • Coordination of Care with PTs, Strength Coaches, Orthopedists, Podiatrists, and Massage therapists.
  • Sports Chiropractic Care for player injuries/pain. (Chiropractic, ART, Graston Technique)
  • Performance Care throughout the Prep program and at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.
  • Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy
  • Regeneration Techniques

Health-Fit’s  experience in these Combine Preps has given them the expertise in dealing with Football and Baseball players of all levels. Your care will be coordinated with any other doctors, coaches, trainers and programs you are working with.