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Episode 81: Acupuncture, The Desk Jockey, and the NFL Athlete with Holly Green

Dr. Kevin: Hey, desk jockeys. Welcome to another episode of The Modern Desk Jockey. Today, I’m bringing you an interview that I did with Holly Green who’s an acupuncturist, and she’s been working with me for many years with a lot of our triathletes but over the last four years during the NFL Combine Prep Program. So, this is eight weeks of treatment, training, getting this football player ready for the NFL combine in Indianapolis, and for the NFL draft and so she’s been working with some of the highest level folks, and we did a little bit of a 10-minute Facebook Live interview at the training facility. So, you hear a little bit of background noise and not the best audio quality, but it’s great information, and maybe acupuncture is good for you. We did dive into how this can help regular folks and the desk worker, so it is pertinent to all people suffering from pain conditions or just looking for some recovery purposes. So, it was nice to sort of Facebook Live. I have been waiting to do this and have someone on to discuss acupuncture. So, I was able to kind to kill two birds with one stone by doing a Facebook Live interview and taking the audio and turning it into this podcast. So, if you’ve ever had acupuncture or it’s been awhile, or you’ve never had it, this will be a good episode to learn what it can do for you and maybe implement that into your health routine to try to stay, try to get and stay healthy. So, without further ado, here is my interview with Holly Green who is an acupuncturist down in South Florida.

***This is a podcast transcription, so please excuse our grammar, spelling, and other mistakes***

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All right. Welcome to this episode of Health TV. We’re at XPE Sports. This is Dr. Kevin Christie; I’m with Holly Green. She is our acupuncturist for the NFL Combine Prep. She’s been with us for four years now, this is the fourth year, right?


Holly: At one point.


Dr. Kevin: And has been a great addition. This is my eight year with Tony Villani, Bill Welle and XPE Sports and it’s been something that we’ve tried to develop our sports recovery team as much as we could over the years. And then, we added acupuncture to this team. It took off well. Players liked it, the results are there, and it’s been a great addition to XPE Sports and the player. So, tell us a little bit about where you practice? What you’re doing? And then, we’ll dive into some of the combine stuff.


Holly: Okay. My practice is in Delray Beach and basically of the military in Atlantic, worked in all different kinds of people. Talk a little bit low at times.


Dr. Kevin: Wow.


Holly: Well, it’s one thing about acupuncture is it’s very calming on the body, so it makes me calm as well. But yeah, I love working with the sports people.


Dr. Kevin: Perfect. Yeah, players love it, you know. And it’s one of those things where you and I had a lot of experience working with the triathlons, the triathlons group [inaudible 00:03:13] triathletes and it’s been a great team. You and I have had to work with many of those athletes and then be able to work together on that, and the communication has been key for it. So, it’s been extremely helpful. Tell our audience a little bit about some of the main injuries that you have seen injuries or pain, or dysfunction you’re seeing in these football players that you’ve been helping out with.


Holly: I see a lot of hamstrings this year. I’ve seen a lot of hamstrings, and it’s good that we worked together because one thing complements the other and it helps to do the process a lot quicker.


Dr. Kevin: Yeah.


Holly: But a lot of hamstrings and a lot of, and there are some tendon issues around the hamstring. I’ve seen a lot of.


Dr. Kevin: That’s a big one, you know, we tried to turn a lot of football players into track stars where the 40 are dash and a lot of the other drills and speed is a big thing and they’re opening up the hips, they’re trying to really, the trainers are really trying to get them to run properly and so, yes, sometimes it wakes up the hamstrings, the groin, hip flexor, the glued things like that and so.


Holly: The hip flexors are also always an issue.


Dr. Kevin: Yeah. It’s a big one which, you know, the hip flexors are an issue in a lot of people obviously but explain how the acupuncture is helping with say, a hamstring strain? This is a lot of people in different sports like did that as well, it’s just not football, but it’s one of our biggest issues now. So, how is acupuncture helping them heal quicker?


Holly: Well, one of the best things that acupuncture does is it increases blood flow.


Dr. Kevin: Blood flow, yeah.


Holly: So, it increases the blood flow and also very good at hitting the trigger points where it might be tight bonds of muscle. The needle is doing the really good job in the opening and knows it and also to get motor points in the muscles to reset and actually, reset the muscle with the acupuncture needle. So, it hits the three different areas, blood flow being the number one, [Crosstalk] pain and, you know, can decrease the time of healing by that 50%.


Dr. Kevin: That’s a big one, you know, any of these injuries especially this overused strains or this tears, minor tears, getting blood flow to the area is key in doing that and that’s why I like acupuncture and that’s why I refer because there’s a lot of times, even in a regular office where I refer to you because it’s just, when I’m doing is not helping and I know it’s vice versa, you refer to us and we always talk about that blood flow and trying to get that healing process to increase. And it’s obviously, not that it’s not important for everybody to increase their healing times but we have a real, you know, to say, we have a deadline with this player. Right, like we’re living March 1st for the NFL Combine, so we’re about three weeks away and if someone has a hamstring, they should now, and they’re supposed to, you know, take 100 of their 40-yard dash. That timeline gets ensure, and so it’s really helpful to do that. And we notice that acupuncture has been a very big help in doing that for sure. So, what are some of the other injuries you see with just, you know, in your regular practice or even in this NFL Combine Prep?


Holly: So many hip injuries, so many hip issues. A lot appears in football. [Inaudible 00:06:12] yes, you know, along with the hips, ITP bond, even more, regular than me, you know, because you start there and ends up knee bruise. So, yeah, a lot of that hip imbalance.


Dr. Kevin, Hip imbalance, yeah.


Holly: With the runners and some of the cyclists and so with the girls across the board, [crosstalk] into the players. Yeah.


Dr. Kevin: You know, I think one of the big things with the players compared to the regular folks, a lot of times by the time the regular folks are getting to your [inaudible 00:06:41] or injured. A lot of the players we have now, they’re not necessarily injured. A lot of them, when we talk about hamstring and hip flexors and stuff, it’s not like they’ve injured in a lot of times, it’s just mostly tightness, and again, it’s just, yeah, they’re just adapting to a lot of the training work, a lot of them come in injured but I think that’s the most that we see is they come to us from the season, from somebody’s ball games, the senior ball and they do it there. And then, we have to try, you know, we’re kind of like a mass unit sometimes to get them better but overall, by having a full sports recovery team, you know, affiliated with XPE Sports, it’s helped mitigate any of those things from.


Holly: Covers all basics.


Dr. Kevin: Yeah. So, a lot of times it’s, a lot of times, it’s not here, it’s not injury treatment, were maybe, in the office, but here, it’s a lot of just recovery and likes sports recovery. And so, how can acupuncture help the athlete, a football player, or the person in your player with just recovery? This person is not injured, they’re just dealing with, you know, a high-intensity sport and they wanted to function at a high level. How can acupuncture help them with that?


Holly: Well, when it comes to injury, we used blood flow to get all the cells to the area and enhance to heal the area. When it comes to recovery, it’s kind of similar.


Dr. Kevin: Yeah.


Holly: we still want the blood flow to the area to help the tissues to repair and to rebuild. So, it’s a similar process, and we were not breaking anything down, we’re letting it, have them sit there a little bit, we make a little stand, electric stand to bring in lighter blood flow and just a nicer, get rid of the lactic acid. It’s really good to help with lactic acid recovery.


Dr. Kevin: Perfect. Okay. That’s great. And then, I know we have, we always joke around, you know, some of the football players, they’ve never had acupuncture before, and they see the needles, and they’re worried, right?


Holly: Like a tattoo.


Dr. Kevin: And I was going to say we were joking like, you have eight tattoos on your body, you’re not going to be in pain with acupuncture. So, sometimes it’s a logical thing. But what can that person that’s never had acupuncture before expect from a sensation standpoint, the needles, the ease, some things like that? Is it pretty comfortable treatment for them?


Holly: It’s pretty comfortable, yeah. Sometimes, you might feel a little pinchy feeling, and with the achy feeling that may refer somewhere lightly, when it hits the trigger point, you’d feel like if you were getting a manual trigger point work in that feathers.


Dr. Kevin: Okay.


Holly: So, some of those sensations but compared to what most people have made up in their mind. [Laughter]


Dr. Kevin: Yes, yes.


Holly: There’s no scary monster.


Dr. Kevin: No. Once we got them on the table, they’ll love it.


Holly: They’ll shock at how, you know, really, they don’t have any super strong sensation that it’s scary, it’s very comfortable.


Dr. Kevin: Yeah. Every Wednesday, all three or four, your tables are booked, and there’s like a line, and they see the results, and they like it, and they feel like it’s helping them out. So, other than the football players, what are other types of patients that you have in your practice?


Holly: I see across the board. It could be the sports arena, I, you know, focus on muscular [Noise] issues, so any sports related, but even just normal, you know, everybody has issues day to day, they be sitting at their desk all day long, they’ve read a wonderful about, posture problems with sitting, you know, anything like that. So, here we are.


Dr. Kevin: Right, we’re back. All right. So, yeah, it’s just not football players. Obviously, it can be everybody and treat everything from headaches to migraines to neck pain, back pain.


Holly: Pain.


Dr. Kevin: Pain, right?


Holly: Acupuncture is number one for pain.


Dr. Kevin: Pain and performance.


Holly: And performance but also pain and which can also include stress, it’s great for helping people with anxiety and stress issues and sleep issues. So, there’s a lot of different games that covers about.


Dr. Kevin: Well, I’ve been seeing more that’s been doing for the football players. And again, not just kind of all the other human beings on the planet but these guys are really performing at a higher level, they’re really, they’re on a deadline and so if they can receive the results from what you’re doing, I know the desk worker can, the triathlete can, the regular person that just is active or not, you know, just dealing with some pain will benefit from it as well. And so, we appreciate having your on board as part of our sports recovery team to help communicate with each other on the sports recovery side and then, obviously with the trainers. It’s been really good to have you. I know, we added you to Fridays as well, right?


Holly: Yeah, pick up another [Crosstalk].


Dr. Kevin: Another day with us so I thank you for that. If anybody is watching that’s interested in what you have to offer, how can they reach you?


Holly: Like reach me at my office. Well, my website is, or they can call the office 5613033436.


Dr. Kevin: Perfect.


Holly: So, call me, email me.


Dr. Kevin: Yeah, put that in the comment section.


Holly: Yeah. Any questions, call for questions.


Dr. Kevin: Thank you so much.