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Episode 79: Tactics At Your Chair For Getting Movement with Stacey Joiner

Stacey’s Key Takeaways

  • Biggest Concerns
    • Lack of Movement
    • Stress
  • Chair Yoga
    • Done by anyone, anytime, anywhere with no restrictions
    • Yoga is done on the mat adapted to the chair
    • Inhalation and exhalation will destress the body and mind
  • 2 Chair Yoga Poses
    • Cat and Cow in the chair
    • Arm Stretches and Circles and shaking it out
  • Deep breathing can be performed while driving to and from work too.
  • Type in “Chair Yoga” on YouTube for good options
  • Hydration is key throughout your day. Infused water with mint leaves, cucumber or fruit. Let it infuse overnight and then bring it to work and have at your desk.


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