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Episode 77: The Healthy Desk Jockey with Tyler Forbes

In this FB Live interview with Tyler Forbes of Forbes Fitness we breakdown 3 key aspects of staying healthy at the desk.

Key Takeaways

  • Posture
    • Small side mirror to remind you of your posture at your desk.
    • Sticky notes or calendar reminders to check your posture.
    • Shoulder blade and back exercises in the gym to help with posture.
  • Lack of Movement
    • Mini-water breaks throughout the day.
    • 10,000 steps per day.
    • The Trifecta Desk Exercises
      • Desk Push-Up
      • Body Squats
      • 10 Shoulder Blade Contractions
  • Stress Management
    • Mindfulness at your desk by closing eyes, sitting in good posture and slow deep breathing a few times per day. All technology off for the moment.
    • Improves mood, productivity and stress management
    • Abdominal breathing instead of chest breathing.


Here is the video of that interview as well for you to watch.