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Episode 75: My Positive 2017 and My Healthy 2018

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Dr. Kevin Christie: Hey desk jockeys welcome to another episode of the modern desk jockey today is January 1st, so happy new year out there to all of our fine listeners. I really appreciate 2017 that you allowed me to have as my audience and as a supporter of this podcast. It’s really helped me grow in in many, many, ways and today’s episodes are going to be kind of a summary of what I got out of this podcast and what I’ve achieved in 2017, kind of a positive focus I try to do for my business and personal life every year; at the end is a positive focus of all the things that went really well in my year and you know obviously, there’s always ups and downs in a given year and sometimes people do well on it, so I don’t try to write down, all the negatives, I really focus on the positives. And so today I’m going to outline some of that and how a lot of it came from this podcast whether it was me researching something to do on a topic and talked about or some of the interviews I had. I had a few that just changed my life, and so I’m going to share that with you.

I’m going to go over my 2018 health goals with you obviously, this is a health and wellness podcast, and so I’m going to discuss that and then just some of the overall what my health plan has been and what I’m going to add to it and what it will be moving forward and maybe you can get some insights from this. So, today’s episode is going to be a breakdown of how 2017 was awesome, how 2018 is going to hopefully gear towards my health goals and then obviously, just wrap it all up from there and then have a lot of exciting shows coming up for you in the early part of 2018.

So, let’s focus on 2017 right now for this next few minutes and then we’ll go from there. One of the things that I set out last year when I was continuing so I I started this podcast in August of 2016. So, wrapping up that first five months of the podcast I learned a ton I had, you know, had some flubs here and there and some mistakes and some scheduling issues and recording, you know, the technology was tough.

There was definitely a learning curve with that, but I rolled into 2017 excited to start it but not sure where it was going to go because I was like, you know, how many more people can I interview? What kind of content can I create and everything? But as I started to go with it, I got this good content momentum going and thought I was able to offer a lot and I hope you feel the same way because I know I got a lot out of it as I mentioned.

One of the things, when I set out for 2017, was, this is a health and wellness podcast, and so I was going to have some topics on there that weren’t necessarily ergonomics and musculoskeletal, fitness, nutrition. I wanted to have some things outside, and one of the ones that I decided to do was about finances, and that was one where I interviewed Dave Jacobson and I got that particular gentleman from Steve Stewart who happens to be my podcast producer, and he’s in the financial industry as well. And so he referred me to Dave, and then David referred me— you know I did kind of an interview process and everything and ended up referring me to Christine Odle, and that was just life-changing for me.

You know, how that worked out have I interviewed Dave, and as I’m listening to the episode, I’m like, “oh this is something that I need to look into” you know I had a pretty tough 2015, you know, going through a divorce and some business things that happened. I had such a good 2010 to 2015, and so I stumbled a little bit but, you know, I was like I had recovered in 2018 for sure but definitely needed to square some things away from understanding business and personal finances and how they kind of mix as a small business owner.

So, as I was listening to him, as I’m interviewing him for the show is like I need this. So, I signed up for it and you have been utilizing their services and it just completely changed my understanding and my thought process and some of my habits around finances, and so that was a big one. I won’t dive into much more of the details on it but it was just really, really, helpful and I and I recommend you check out that episode with Dave Jacobsen from earlier and 2017.

The next thing was after interviewing a few folks and the topic of yoga coming around. I decided back in I think September of this year to give yoga a try and it was a game changer for me, and so yoga has become part of my life too. 1 to 2 times per week I like the mobility, flexibility, core stability of it but also, I like the relaxation and kind of the mindfulness of it, and it helps me with overall stress relief. So, that was a big win for me in 2017 from this podcast.

Another one there was you know I set up a pretty full ergonomics lab in my office, in my clinic, and that was um from the idea of Darcy Jeremy, and so I highly recommend listening to that episode, and that is where I interview to her on ergonomics, and she came up with that idea. And so, I purchased a bunch of things including a stand-up desk which I did interview the CEO of Vera desk that was in 2016. And so, I had that background, and so I did that I got some different mice and keyboards and certain products to start testing things and see where some of this could fit in for you folks, and so that was something I got out of it.

Another one was, you know, I eat a certain way if you listen to my episodes with Dr. Cort Vreeland and he has a few episodes. One was where I interviewed him early on, and that was early in the middle of 2016. I also had him write a blog, and I narrated that, and I also had him just get on the podcast and kind of take it over and discuss how he eats into some specifics. Well, that’s kind of how my nutrition has gone since 2017, and that’s for the majority of the time excluding these holidays recently, is how I try to eat with an anti-inflammatory, you know, purpose in mind and so that’s been something that’s helped me from this podcast as well.

Another positive note was I do have very positive blood work. I had just had to that check three weeks ago, and it came out very good I’m almost 38 years old and feeling very good, and the blood work came out about the same as it’s been for my entire adult life. So, I consider that a very big win as well.

Another thing is that my fitness has over all the habits of it have been a lot better and doing a lot more with that and a lot of good strength training and resistance training, and so that’s been very helpful. And then lastly for my 2017 positive focus was early on— like in March of 2017 I was dealing with my sciatica and disc herniation, and it was troubling. It happened to play golf it was very, very, difficult to walk around and treat patients and walk my dog with this. And luckily between getting treatment at my office from Dr. Wasserman from doing a lot of the corrective exercises and Rehab and then also implementing the yoga, I’ve been pain-free been playing golf overall my mobility is a lot better, and I really overcame that without having to have any types of surgical interventions or drugs or in pain injections things like that. Did it all conservative and it’s always nice to see that what we do for a living actually can work for me too. So, hopefully, I won’t have to deal with that anymore, but I did have to overcome that, so I look at that as a positive part of my year was.

You know, dealing with a setback whether sometimes it’s emotionally or you know business-wise or sometimes physically and that’s obviously a lot of what we talked about. And so, to be able to overcome that with what I do for a living which was very hopeful, so I was excited about that all right.

So, now let me transition into what my goals are for 2018 as regards to health. I feel like you can probably tell strongly that 2017 was kind of a launching pad year and kind of life-changing year for me. You know, I’ve always been one of those people that have been healthy grew up playing sports competitively when I was in college, worked out, just you know always in good shape, but then in my early 30s I got a little lackadaisical and not caring as much. But then to be able to turn it around really and now feel and weigh what I did when I was in college is really, really, exciting for me and so I’m looking to add on to that and 2018. And I outlined four things that I want to do, not substitute for what I’m already doing but just to add on to it and I don’t feel like it’ll be too much too soon type of thing.

So, I think a lot of people out there it’s daunting to say, “oh wow he’s added yoga,” and you know doing all these different things with eating and adding all this different stuff but it’s really not if you take it you know one step at a time and so for me these four are, I got to eat out less okay. So, I live in a walkable downtown area with a ton of restaurants; it’s touristy, its Delray Beach Florida. If you’re familiar with it’s not too far from Palm Beach, and it’s just there’s restaurants and food everywhere and so I’ve had the tendency to eat out too much there. So, one of my goals for 2018 is to limit that that will help both the finances and also the nutrition. So, that is number one for a 2018 goal.

Number two is Discipline. There’s a book out there which I recommend although I haven’t read it I’ve just talked to a lot of people that have and heard a lot about it and I just really liked the name of it, and it is Discipline Equals Freedom. I want to make sure that I focus on discipline in certain areas of my life and obviously, some of those are the eating out less and stuff like that. But I want to work on my discipline, and so that is a goal of mine.

The third one is, I want to join a group fitness class. So, I’ve been doing heavy resistance training just going myself and doing that, but I want to sprinkle in probably, one group fitness class per week so that would add to my yoga that I’m doing and also the resistance training. And then lastly, I want to do one 90-minute massage per month. Luckily for me, I have a massage therapist that rents from me and I negotiated with her coming up January 1st to reduce the rent a certain amount that would cover one 90-minute massage plus tips. So, I will be getting a full 90-minute massage once a month. I might add more to it but I’m going to add that to my routine, and I feel like it’s a vital part of any musculoskeletal body care, and so I will be doing that.

So, those are my four 2018 health goals that are going to tie in. I made a lot of good changes in 2017. I added some habits I formed these habits, and I think if I can sprinkle in the discipline and then obviously, the other three that I mentioned for 2018, this is what I want my health strategy to look like. And that is three days a week I want to do heavy resistance training in the gym. I made it convenient and signed up for a gym, that’s by where I live, I can walk to it, and I want to make sure I get three good days of heavy lifting in there. I want to have two days of yoga per week as a routine.

Then I want to make sure that I do daily long walks with my Weimaraner, so I do have the dog and her kind of forces the issue with walking which is great, so I want to do daily long walks with her it’s a really good way of exercise but also, I don’t bring my phone a lot of times, and I just get thinking done. So, I’ll think of a topic like okay I need to figure this out, and that’ll give me 30 to 60 minutes of thinking while I walk the dog, and you’re getting that oxygen and fresh air as you do it, so I want to make sure I continue that.

Obviously, I mentioned the one massage per month I’m going to do performance care treatment out of my office. So, you know, we got a lot of patients that come in and get a treatment once a week to once a month whatever it is just to keep up with our body because they’re active and so I’m going to make sure I abide by that. I do get treatment here there, but I want to make it a consistent on schedule type of thing.

Then lastly, I want to add one free day per week. And so, I’m a member of the strategic coach who is a business coaching group, and I’ve been with them since 2013, and they have for entrepreneurs and business owners. They have what they call the entrepreneur hour time system, and that is free days, focus days, and buffer days. I won’t dive too much into the other two but focus days is, you know, obviously, really focusing on what you do.

So, for me, it’s like a Monday treating patients all day long that would be a focus day. Buffer day for me would be like paying bills, emails, doing all the different things that I have to do to work on my business. Whereas a free day is from midnight to midnight nothing related to work no email, no text messages for work, no business book reading or articles on business or anything like that and it’s not even business thinking, it’s just really getting away from it, and I try to do once per week. I’m not always great at it, but I think if I schedule them ahead of time which I’m going to do it’ll help me to abide by that.

So, my goal for 2018 with that is one per week minimum and then if I take any vacations or trips completely free days, so I do plan on taking a trip, and from there it’ll be probably about ten days I’m going to make sure it’s all free days. So, that is a goal that I have for that.

So, that’s my goal for 2018 as far as health strategy and then from there, I’ll kind of update you as we go along. So, that is the end of this episode this is the beginning of a great year in 2018 I look forward to having you as my audience, and I will try to keep on providing as much value as I can. So, have a happy 2018, and I will talk to you next week.

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