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Episode 74: Fitness Fundamentals To Prevent Low Back Pain

Dr. Christie interviewed 3 experts in fitness to find the keys on how fitness can solve and manage your low back pain. His findings are in this episode for you to implement.


Exercise as Prescription for Back Pain (

An effective program of back exercises should be comprehensive, working the whole body even as it targets the back. Exercise can be thought of as any other health prescription: A qualified health professional will customize exercise based on a variety of factors. These factors typically include:

  • the clinical diagnosis
  • whether the pain is considered mild, moderate, or severe
  • the pain relief necessary to tolerate activity
  • the frequency of prescribed exercises
  • the correct form and healthy posture needed for performing exercises


For the show notes for this episode, please visit the article below we wrote that was the basis for this podcast episode.

Fitness Fundamentals to Prevent Low Back Pain