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Health and Fitness for the Desk Jockey

In November I had the pleasure of interviewing three local fitness experts to determine their most valuable tips for the desk jockey to stay healthy. We are all well aware that prolonged sitting can be detrimental to your health, but what can you do to stay healthy if you have a desk job? Here is […]

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#070: Easy Strategies on Ergonomics by Brandon Olin

Brandon Olin is an ergonomics at Movility and he provides the desk jockey with great strategies to decrease the strain you place on your body when you sit at a desk for a living.   ***This is a podcast transcript so please excuse any grammar and spellign errors***   Hey, Desk Jockeys welcome to another […]

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#069: How To Set Your Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse Optimally

Dr. Kevin Christie provides tips on how to set your monitor, keyboard, and mouse optimally to help prevent the strain on the body that is commonly caused. The Monitor  Position your monitor so that the top inch of the visible monitor screen is level with your eyes. If you lean back while working, adjust the […]

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#068: Getting to the Root Cause of Healthy Eating with Amanda Heisman

Amanda Heisman knows there is more than just what to eat when it comes to optimal nutrition. Getting to the root cause of why you are eating the way you do is what will sustain long-term healthy habits. For more information, visit 

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#067: How To Fit Yourself To Your Chair and Desk 

Dr. Christie instructs you how to fit yourself to your chair, then to your desk and lastly the ground for optimal ergonomics. This is the foundation of setting up your overall workstation ergonomics. The Chair   Adjust the backrest of your chair for better lumbar support. If your chairs lumbar support is not adjustable, you […]

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#066: How Your Hip Flexors Are The Root of All Evil

Tight hip flexors are a leading cause of low back pain and other conditions. In this episode we discuss the hip flexors and how you can avoid pain. Below is a great stretch for you to perform.   Triplanar Hip Flexor Stretch Begin standing in a “lunge” position with one leg back until a stretch […]

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#065: The Body’s Alternating Pattern of Mobility and Stability

The joints of your body alternate between mobility and stability of the joints starting in the foot and working its way up all the way to the neck and the wrist. Any weak link in this chain can set off many over-use pain conditions. For more resources and information, go to

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#064: Understanding and Preventing Your Shoulder Pain

This webinar replay gives you the essential information to understand how your shoulder pain occurs and some easy solutions and desk exercises to help prevent shoulder conditions that plague the desk jockey. For helpful videos and resources, visit

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#063: Forming Healthy Habits with Missy Bunch

Missy Bunch of Death of the Desk reveals how to form healthy habits at the desk that will provide you with a lifetime of health and wellness. For more information visit the show notes at

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#062: Crossover’s Integrated On-Site Healthcare with Dr. Daniel Lord

Dr. Daniel Lord is a Chiropractic Physician with Crossover Health and they provide an integrated approach to healthcare for many companies. For more information go to

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