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6 Keys To Desk Sitting Injury Prevention

I discuss with many desk workers and corporations on how to avoid the ill-effects of sitting. The effects can be physically, internally, emotionally, etc. For the sake of our work, we focus on the musculoskeletal aspect. I have put together a 6-Part strategy you can easily implement in your daily routine to achieve optimal health […]

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Top 5 Exercise Motivation Tips To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

This is a guest post by Cathy Scarlett A setback is all it takes for many of us to not follow a consistent workout regime. Boredom, lack of results, laziness and lack of time are the common culprits. But, with motivation, you can overcome these challenges and stick to a consistent workout regimen. So, how […]

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Do you ever suffer from Patellar Tendonosis or “Knee Cap” Pain?

Patellar tendonosis, sometimes referred to as jumper’s knee, is a common condition among athletes, especially sports that involve a lot of jumping such as basketball and volleyball. Runners and cyclists can also suffer from this pain condition. It generally involves aching pain that occurs below the kneecap (patella). • History of ankle sprains • Poor […]

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Safely Exercising In The Summer Heat

South Florida is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities year round. Whether it’s running, cycling, rollerblading, tennis, golf, or an outdoor bootcamp, there are so many activities to choose from. But now summer is here, and with it, soaring temperatures and humidity. Extreme temperatures and humidity can be a problem if you’re not careful, […]

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