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How To Perform High-Intensity Workouts At a High Level While Avoiding Injury

High-Intensity workouts are different. So are the people who do them. As part of this community, we are highly motivated and driven to perform and achieve things the average person does not even dare to dream about. The High-Intensity workout experience creates a physical and mental transformation that permeates every aspect of your life… making […]

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Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Injury Prevention Tips

Paddle boarding is currently the fastest growing water sport in the world, especially among the communities of south Florida who embrace watersports. With relatively low cost of entry now that rentals are ubiquitous, all types from the young to the old and the fit to the out-of-shape are getting into the sport. However, with new […]

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A Trend in Sports Recovery for the CrossFit® Community?

Just as in many sports and activities, CrossFit® is physically demanding on the body. There is no denying that and that doesn’t make it right or wrong, it’s just a fact as it is in many sports and challenging activities. That’s why we do it. That’s why we gain so much satisfaction out of it. […]

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3 Minute Pre-Run Warm Up

Many times our patients ask us about a warm up they can do before they run or cycle. We always make sure to explain to them the importance of a warm up versus static stretching while not warmed up.We decided to figure out a way that is easy, effective and efficient to warm up prior […]

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Insider’s look at the XPE Player’s suite at the NFL Combine

Here is a short video of an insider’s look at the XPE Player’s suite at the NFL Combine this year. We are the clinical directors for XPE Sports and this is our 7th year at the NFL Combine. We were there for 4 days and enjoyed the fun, stress and excitement of it all.

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What a Sports Chiropractor’s role in a NFL Combine Prep entails

It’s that time again, January through February is NFL Combine’s training season for XPE Sports and Health-Fit Chiropractic and Sports Recovery. Tony Villani is the founder and sports trainer of XPE Sports and has a great group of 24 guys this year, including 5 potential first round picks! I have been fortunate enough to be […]

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