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Is Your Child Overtraining?

Overuse injuries, overtraining, and burnout among child and teen athletes are a growing problem in the United States. Overuse injuries can be classified into 4 stages: pain in the affected area after physical activity; pain during the activity, without restricting performance; pain during the activity that restricts performance; and chronic, unremitting pain even at rest. […]

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Safely Exercising In The Summer Heat

South Florida is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities year round. Whether it’s running, cycling, rollerblading, tennis, golf, or an outdoor bootcamp, there are so many activities to choose from. But now summer is here, and with it, soaring temperatures and humidity. Extreme temperatures and humidity can be a problem if you’re not careful, […]

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Run Marathons? Hate Blisters? Use Paper Tape

Ultramarathoners who apply common, inexpensive paper tape to their feet before a race get fewer blisters on those areas than on non-taped areas, according to a new study. I’m sure that you’ve experienced a blister in your lifetime and you were surprised at how much it hindered your daily activities. You notice pain every time […]

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Physical Activity is More Important than Previous Back Pain Issues Regarding the Future

Methods. Participants answered questions about physical activity and low back pain, and performed physical fitness tests at the age of 16, 34, and 52 years. The fitness test battery included tests of endurance in the back and abdominal muscles, a submaximal bicycle ergometer test to estimate maximal oxygen uptake, and measurements of hip flexion, thoracic […]

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Adjustments are more effective for increased vertical jump than stretching

A study reveals that females with functional leg length inequality are able to increase than vertical jump height better with chiropractic manipulation to the sacroiliac joint than the control group or stretching group. Functional leg length inequality refers to when a person appears to have two different length legs, however they are not actually different […]

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Is it Wise for Kids to Specialize in One Sport?

An underlying belief of some parents today is that the key to their child achieving an athletic scholarship or even playing professional sports someday, is to have them specialize in one sport and one sport only. Sports specialization is defined as training intensely for one sport all year round. Often times parents believe the earlier […]

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Exercise Recommendations for Healthy Aging

There are some things in life you have no control over, like getting older. However, you do have control over changes related to aging. As you get older, your body undergo several changes including decreased muscle mass, decreased muscular strength, increased body fat, and decreased aerobic (lung) capacity. After age 30, you can lose as […]

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How To Perform High-Intensity Workouts At a High Level While Avoiding Injury

High-Intensity workouts are different. So are the people who do them. As part of this community, we are highly motivated and driven to perform and achieve things the average person does not even dare to dream about. The High-Intensity workout experience creates a physical and mental transformation that permeates every aspect of your life… making […]

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Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Injury Prevention Tips

Paddle boarding is currently the fastest growing water sport in the world, especially among the communities of south Florida who embrace watersports. With relatively low cost of entry now that rentals are ubiquitous, all types from the young to the old and the fit to the out-of-shape are getting into the sport. However, with new […]

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A Trend in Sports Recovery for the CrossFit® Community?

Just as in many sports and activities, CrossFit® is physically demanding on the body. There is no denying that and that doesn’t make it right or wrong, it’s just a fact as it is in many sports and challenging activities. That’s why we do it. That’s why we gain so much satisfaction out of it. […]

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