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Breugger’s Stretch: How You Can Combat the Effects of Sitting

The majority of America works sitting at a desk. The human body was designed to move and we now know that prolonged inactivity such as sitting at a desk all day increases your morbidity for many diseases. Fortunately there’s a way for you to relieve tight and sore muscles and improve your posture without leaving […]

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Can Stress Make You Sick?

When you are stressed out, your body will respond with physical warning signs. Too much stress may trigger headaches, muscle tension, neck or back pain, and sleep problems. When stress is left unchecked, your risk for disease is higher. Chronic stress may lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Please be aware […]

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What is Text Neck?

Today’s society has relied upon text messaging, social media, and other applications via mobile devices to communicate for years, but recent research has shown that the increase in the use of technology could in fact be a major cause of neck pain. With proper posture, the human head weighs anywhere between 10-12lbs. When sending a […]

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Poor Posture and Chiropractic Rehab

I found an interesting article written by Dr. Craig Liebenson, one of foremost Chiropractic authorities on rehabilitation of the spine. This article touched on poor posture as it relates to the Thoracic and Cervical spine and how it can generate from the Thoracic spine due to excessive sitting and slouching. The first part of the […]

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