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The Modern Desk Jockey

Episode 85: Dr. Sebastian Gonzales Takes Over The Modern Desk Jockey

Disclaimer: This is a podcast transcript and grammar will not be ideal, but the info is valuable! Hey, desk jockeys welcome to another episode of the modern desk jockey where we bring you everything health and wellness for the desk worker. Today I’m having Dr. Sebastian Gonzalez take over my podcast. I’ve done this a […]

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Episode 84: Comprehensive Desk Ergonomics You Can Easily Implement

Proper Desk Ergonomics

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Episode 83: How Blue Light Disrupts Your Sleep and How It Is Fixable

Oxygen, water, food, sleep. These are the four requirements for life. Without them (in varying lengths of time) people die. Sleep is an important factor as it heavily influences our performance at work, our risk for chronic disease, and our overall quality of life. Sleep researchers, however, aren’t clear on the exact reason why humans […]

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Episode 82: The Core Four To Achieve Core Stability

The Core Four To Achieve Core Stability Please scroll down to the bottom to listen to the podcast episode Curl-Up, Beginners The basic starting posture is supine with the hands supporting the lumbar region. Do not flatten the back to the floor. The hands can be adjusted to minimize the pain if needed. One leg […]

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Episode 81: Acupuncture, The Desk Jockey, and the NFL Athlete with Holly Green

Dr. Kevin: Hey, desk jockeys. Welcome to another episode of The Modern Desk Jockey. Today, I’m bringing you an interview that I did with Holly Green who’s an acupuncturist, and she’s been working with me for many years with a lot of our triathletes but over the last four years during the NFL Combine Prep Program. […]

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Episode 80: The Small Things at Your Desk Can Cause Big Problems for Your Body

  Hey desk jockeys welcome to another episode of The Modern Jockey where I try to bring to you everything health and wellness to try to make your workday, your work week and your work life easier. Today I’m going to dive into some of the ancillary things at your desk, footrests, and document holders; […]

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Episode 79: Tactics At Your Chair For Getting Movement with Stacey Joiner

Stacey’s Key Takeaways Biggest Concerns Lack of Movement Stress Chair Yoga Done by anyone, anytime, anywhere with no restrictions Yoga is done on the mat adapted to the chair Inhalation and exhalation will destress the body and mind 2 Chair Yoga Poses Cat and Cow in the chair Arm Stretches and Circles and shaking it […]

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Episode 78: Do This And Become A Healthy Desk Jockey

Key Takeaways Move in every aspect of your life, at home and work Set the alarm, every hour to perform some movement. 3-5 minutes in length. Lacrosse Ball under your legs, top of legs, between shoulder blades while at the desk. Light dumbbells at your desk for fitness snacking throughout the day. Park at the […]

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Episode 77: The Healthy Desk Jockey with Tyler Forbes

In this FB Live interview with Tyler Forbes of Forbes Fitness we breakdown 3 key aspects of staying healthy at the desk. Key Takeaways Posture Small side mirror to remind you of your posture at your desk. Sticky notes or calendar reminders to check your posture. Shoulder blade and back exercises in the gym to […]

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Episode 76: Pilates for Health and Fitness with Amalia Brassfield

Dr. Kevin: Hey Desk Jockey this is Dr. Kevin Christie with another episode of The Modern Desk Jockey where I try to bring everything health and wellness to you, the desk worker, to try and help prevent some of the ill effects of prolonged sitting and today I have Amalia Brassfield and she is a […]

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