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Uncovering the Facts of Different Types of Muscle Strain

Understanding The Severity of Your Muscle Strain Many athletes, active lifestyle, and sedentary individuals suffer from muscular strains. Often they are confused as to why it happened to them, the severity of it, and the timeline for recovery. My goal in this short article is to clear up the confusion and give you a concise […]

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Do you ever suffer from knee pain below the Patella or “Knee Cap”?

Patellar tendonosis, sometimes referred to as jumper’s knee, is a common condition among athletes, especially sports that involve a lot of jumping such as basketball and volleyball. Runners and cyclists can also suffer from this pain condition. It generally involves aching pain that occurs below the kneecap (patella).  Some physical causes of this condition are:  […]

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Graston Technique for Treatment of Injuries

Graston Technique ® utilizes patented stainless steel instruments, uniquely shaped, to treat different areas of the body. The weight and design of the various instruments allow clinicians to effectively treat deep tissue dysfunctions, while preventing the stress associated with manual therapy on their own extremities. When the instruments contact the adhesions, the patient and clinician […]

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