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What Does No-Fault Mean?

Florida is a No-Fault state and often times people are confused about what this signifies. So what does that really mean? In Florida, everyone who operates a motor vehicle must carry Personal Injury Protection coverage of $10,000.00 to cover medical bills and lost wages they themselves incur because of an automobile accident, regardless of who […]

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Entering and Exiting Your Vehicle

Entering & Exiting Your Vehicle Entering and exiting your vehicle is a potential risky activity for low back pain sufferers. Follow these tips to limit problems: To enter the vehicle, open the door and stand with your back to the seat, legs close to the side of the vehicle. For larger vehicles, you may wish […]

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Don’t Let Whiplash Turn Into Chronic Pain

Being in a car accident is a very stressful experience. Not only is the accident itself traumatic, but dealing with police reports, insurance agents, and car repairmen can pile the stress on. With so much on your mind after an accident, many people forget to take care of the the thing that matters most, themselves. […]

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Understanding the NEW PIP Guidelines

In early 2012, Florida’s legislature made sweeping changes to Florida’s no-fault automobile insurance law. According to the Florida Chiropractic Association, the most significant changes were to the personal injury protection (PIP) component of your coverage. This PIP coverage protects you should you be in a motor vehicle accident and suffering from pain and injuries. While […]

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