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Are Orthotics Right For You?

Many of your foot, lower leg, hip and back issues start from a foot and ankle problem. Maybe you have been told you have flat feet, a bunion, heel spurs, or some other foot dysfunction. You have probably done all the calf stretches, foot exercises and purchased proper shoes. Sometimes that does the trick; sometimes […]

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The Healthcare You Deserve

Far too often in today’s healthcare system, patients are being let down by their healthcare providers. As the patient, you deserve to be guided back to health appropriately and efficiently. Too many injured and ailing people are not being thoroughly evaluated, therefore not receiving appropriate conservative care, nor are they given a game plan to […]

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Potentially Dangerous Exercises at the Gym

Potentially Dangerous Exercises at the Gym It’s no secret that exercise is an incredibly useful tool for long-term health and is protective against chronic disease. However, when does exercise start to become detrimental to our health and bodies? Most content regarding exercises pertains to becoming more aesthetically pleasing and becoming more muscular and toned. This […]

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Protect Your Low Back With These Easy Tips

Protect Your Low Back With These Easy Tips When people think of lower back injuries they think of a sudden traumatic event that occurs while lifting, bending or twisting. While this is sometimes the case, often times lower back injuries occur due to micro-trauma. According to the U.S Bureau of statistics, office and administrative occupations […]

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When Is Standing Too Much?

When Is Desk Standing Too Much? The new craze in standing at your desk has many asking if standing is for them, and how long should they stand for? Does everyone need a standing desk? I have had the opportunity to interview the CEO of Varidesk and the developer of another sit-to-stand option on my […]

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How The Golf Pro Fixed His Low Back Pain

In May of 2017 Bob, who is a Boca Raton golf teaching professional hurt his low back significantly doing some yard work around his house. The low back pain was not only hampering his daily routine, but he was struggling to perform his job as the golf professional. His job working with golfers requires physical […]

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Health and Fitness for the Desk Jockey

In November I had the pleasure of interviewing three local fitness experts to determine their most valuable tips for the desk jockey to stay healthy. We are all well aware that prolonged sitting can be detrimental to your health, but what can you do to stay healthy if you have a desk job? Here is […]

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Fitness Fundamentals to Prevent Low Back Pain

In October, I investigated the topic of fitness training and prevention of low back pain with a few of the leading fitness professionals in Boca Raton, FL. I was able to interview Matt Close of Pure Health & Fitness, Paul Christopher of Gravity & Oxygen Fitness, and Wade Waddick of Evolution Fitness and they provided […]

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Is Your Altered Breathing Pattern Causing Your Pain?

Not many people realize it, but the way you breathe can impact you from a musculoskeletal perspective. It can lead to neck pain, core stability issues, low back pain, and other issues.   From a trusted resource, ChiroUp, which provides many resources in its white paper on this topic.   “Patients with dysfunctional breathing may […]

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Injury Prevention for Baseball Pitchers and Throwers

I often get youth baseball pitchers/throwers come in for examination and treatment of shoulder and elbow injuries. It has become quite a prevalent issue, so I spent a few weeks interviewing some of the local South Florida Experts in this field. The goal is to find out how to prevent these injuries before they become […]

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