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#061: Top 5 Exercise Motivation Tips to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

We all have to earn a living, but sometimes we don’t think of the effects of sitting for an extended period has on our physical well being. Welcome to The Modern Desk Jockey, providing you with healthy solutions for the desk worker. Our conversations with industry professionals and topic-based podcasts are guaranteed to keep you active for a healthy more effective work week. Now here’s your host Dr. Kevin Christie. Boredom, lack of results, laziness and lack of time are the common culprits. Here is the top 5 exercise motivation tips to prevent the lack of motivation.

Hey, Desk Jockeys welcome to another episode of The Modern Desk Jockey. This is Dr. Kevin Christie bringing another episode for you this week. I hope if you’re listening to this on the Monday morning as we release it I hope you’re ready for a good week. One thing I wanted to express to my audience is the gratitude that I have for you and being able to provide as much value as I think I am for you, and hopefully, you’re getting some useful information from this podcast. I’ve got some interviews lined up, some good topics that I’m laying out and it’s been over a year and I still just keep on getting a lot of good ideas from my patients, from my audience, from giving webinars and talks and just certain things popping up and from other guest contributors. We’ve had many on this podcast and today I’m going to be narrating a blog that was written for our website by Cathy Scarlett and I’ll put all this into the show notes so you can access the article and read it if you’re one of those folks that like to supplement your audio with reading it. But before I do get into that, I want to encourage you to leave a review. If you’re enjoying this podcast and you’re listening to it, and you’re getting good value from it it keeps us motivated to keep on providing you with weekly information so I would appreciate that – again, that’s on iTunes it would be awesome.

So number one is tracking your progress; if you’re not tracking your progress, you’ll have no idea where you are on the journey towards achieving your fitness goals. You know, to ensure that you don’t get disheartened if you don’t see progress initially. Assessing your progress can help you in altering your fitness program accordingly, you know over time a shredded body, increased energy levels, and other positive changes can become sources of motivation to work harder. I know for me; personally, that’s the case when I work out, and I start seeing changes that increase my motivation. So number one is tracking your progress.

Number two is finding an emotional trigger; you know an emotional trigger is exactly what you need to remind yourself of the need for working out. You know this emotional trigger can be anything like your doctor telling you that your cholesterol is a bit high, but it is you who has to find that emotional trigger and ensure that you use it to your advantage.  You know an example is if you have a pair of clothes that can remind you of your gaining weight then make sure that you hang it somewhere that will make it difficult not to see it. This is a way when you are home after a tiring day at work you won’t consider skipping a workout as the clothes will act as an emotional trigger that you need. You know and that’s just an example, there are many other types of emotional triggers that will help you get into the fitness habit.  So number two is finding an emotional trigger.

Number three is to savor the day, but you can combat this urge by reminding your mind and conditioning your body about how good you feel after workouts. You know this way you can make exercise a habit, and it will be hard to take it off the routine. I know for me, I have to get it done mostly in the morning, but everybody’s a little bit different, but make sure you get it in. So you know, number three is to savor that benefit of exercise.

Number four money talks, you know this is one of the “out of the box” motivational tips, but you know money can be regarded as a strong motivational factor behind many goals. So if you’re being paid to work out the chances are high that you will hit the gym. You know apps like Pact, P-A-C-T can assist you with the same you know the users who use this app are rewarded with money or charged on their fitness goals. If you are consistent in meeting your fitness goals, then you will be rewarded with money but if you fail to achieve your goals money will be deducted from your account and will be given to the users who are members who are consistently achieving their fitness goals. So it’s a multi-user, and the people that are achieving their goals are making money and the ones that aren’t are losing it. So money does talk, it’s actually… there’s a lot of science behind that. So that’s number four, that one won’t be for everybody

Number five build a support group, building a group to support yourself is pivotal to stay motivated. So it is essential to inform your family and a close friend of your plan of action and fitness goals. You know making drastic changes to your everyday routine is challenging. So the support group can act as a channel for positive energy and encouragement. Your support group will appreciate your efforts the most as well. You know most importantly your support group can serve as a reminder of, it’s not only that they usually know what they’re doing and how to do a good exercise program for you and get results in that way, but it’s a good support group for you as well.  So those are the five and then use some other quick little tips I’m going to give you. I’ll let you have your rest to your week to yourself

So other tips make sure that you get specific goals with timelines rather than vague goals like losing weight and building muscle, I need some more specific goals with timelines. Number two subscribe to fitness blogs and newsletters. This can give you the necessary information and will also act as a reminder of your commitment to be fit and healthy. Number three practice positive visualization and mental techniques like meditation and yoga. This can strengthen your mentality and will help you stay focused and motivated. The next one is to reward yourself with something once you achieve a certain fitness goal, this is a proven motivator. So definitely reward yourself, not more than ice cream. Get a workout buddy you know this way you will be accountable to someone and less likely to skip your workouts. Next, try new methods of exercise this way you will not be bored of exercising and will consider it more fun and lastly make physical activity a part of your daily routine. You know, begin with simple steps like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, that one we’ve mentioned a lot, and we had a podcast episode before where we talked about fitness snacking, like throughout the day taking little fitness snacks. You know doing some corrective exercises here, micro breaks at your desk, taking stairs, walking meetings, walking over to your colleague instead of e-mailing them. Different things throughout the day to try to get some exercise into your routine. So that is the tips and the five motivational keys to help achieve your fitness goals. You know, actually, I met with a trainer this week just to kind of talk shop a little bit and one of the things we discussed is that fitness is really an extension of health care. Fitness, if done right, is one of the best proactive approaches to your health, it truly is. Unfortunately, a lot of modern medicine is so reactive in care, and part of my goal with this podcast is to be proactive and give you tips that will help prevent things from happening versus causing them and fitness is obviously a very proactive way to stay healthy. So I love having episodes on The Modern Desk Jockey podcast that are fitness based because if you implement this into your daily routine and find out what works well for you and make sure you have the proper motivation, you will get amazing results and it’ll go a long way to helping you out. So have a great week at the office, and I will be seeing you next week, and again we have some good interviews coming up so make sure that you subscribe to the podcast and look for it every Monday morning, have a great week.

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