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Don’t Let Whiplash Turn Into Chronic Pain

Being in a car accident is a very stressful experience. Not only is the accident itself traumatic, but dealing with police reports, insurance agents, and car repairmen can pile the stress on. With so much on your mind after an accident, many people forget to take care of the the thing that matters most, themselves. Injuries resulting from a car accident can appear immediately, or lay dormant for a few days before pain arises. Whether or not you feel pain after a wreck, seeking prompt medical attention should be your top priority.

Chronic Pain

Importance of Seeking Prompt Medical Attention

The reason why it is so important to consult a medical professional after a car accident is to ensure your body heals properly. One of the most common injuries after a car accident is whiplash, and it is also one of the most undiagnosed. Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when your head suddenly moves backward and then forward like a cracking whip. The extreme motion of your head pushes your neck muscles and ligaments beyond their normal limits which leads to injury.

The pain from whiplash is usually dull and doesn’t arise until days ofter the accident. This leaves many people thinking it will heal on its own and treatment from a professional is unnecessary. Although some people may recover from whiplash a few weeks after the car accident, if left untreated, it may lead to chronic pain. When whiplash is left untreated, your body will try to heal itself. When this occurs, your body lays excessive scar tissue that causes the injured muscles to become chronically weakened or tight. This can lead to longterm issues with the biomechanics of your neck and shoulders, creating pain and numbness that is much more difficult to treat then whiplash itself.


At Health Fit Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation, we treat injuries resulting from car accidents before they create longterm health complications. The treatment process begins with a thorough evaluation of your injury and medical history to determine the extent of your condition. Once injuries have been detected, our experienced professionals will Treatmentdevelop a treatment plan unique to your injuries and body’s needs. Our detailed plan of care will consist of passive and active care depending on your specific injury and healing process. Passive care is typically performed first until the pain from your acute injury subsides. Once the pain subsides, we will incorporate active care treatments to ensure your neck and spine are restored back to their original health. The most common passive and active care we provide include the following:

Passive Care

Heat and ice therapy
Electrical stimulation
Ultrasound therapy

Active Care

Chiropractic treatment
Therapeutic stretching and exercises
Active Release Technique

Receiving prompt treatment for even minor injuries sustained during a car accident can prevent chronic pain from arising in your future. Through an in-depth medical evaluation of your specific injury and medical history, our team of professionals will develop a unique treatment plan that will help promote the proper healing of your body. If you have been in a car accident and are uncertain if you sustained an injury or not, contact us here to ensure your body is healthy and injury free.

About the Author:

Dr. Kevin Christie is a Chiropractic Physician and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) in Miami, FL at Health-Fit Chiropractic & Sports Recovery where he treats college athletes, as well as professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, and NHL. Dr. Christie was appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist to the Board of Athletic Trainers as the Chiropractic Advisor. He is also part of the IRONMAN® Provider Network through A.R.T., which sets up a treatment tent for every IRONMAN event to provide treatment to IRONMAN athletes.